9 Nudge Theory Examples to Reach Your Life, Career, and Savings Goals

by Joyce Ledet
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In life, you may face situations and tasks that you don’t like as much as others. That could be working out after a long day at the office, or checking off a time-consuming task on your to-do list. Even though they may not be interesting to do, growing into your life and career requires you to keep up and push yourself even though the “not so fun” stuff. 

Yet, adding simple nudges could help you get over the hump without even knowing it. For instance, back when you were little, if a family member told you that you’d get ice cream after swimming lessons, you would do it without a question. You may even find going to practice easier than it was before.

Establishing Healthier Habits

Healthy living isn’t always as easy if you have your favorite dessert sitting in front of you. Or when you’re ready to hit snooze rather than getting up and workout. With our busy schedules, it may be easier for some to take the easy way out — yet it’s more than rewarding when you attend your workouts and eat healthily. 

1. Swap Out Your Dishes

It’s sometimes hard to dictate how much your grocery budget should be. Not to mention, how much food you really need vs to want. Swap out your large dishes for the smaller versions to avoid overeating and stretching your food budget a little too far. 

2. Make Recycling Fun

You may not want to have to sort through your recycled waste, or even take it out at the end of the week — but when you make it a game, it may be another story. Look up printable basketball hoops on Google and print out your top choice. Then cut it out and tape it above your recycling bin. 

3. Take the Long Way 

Even though working out may not be as interesting as other tasks and activities, it’s good for your overall health and wellbeing. To get your steps in and foster a little competition, add calories counts to your stairs, or even furniture in your living space. 

Grow Your Career

No matter how passionate you are about your career, you most likely still have your off days. When you find yourself hitting snooze and not wanting to complete a task on your plate, it may be time to make a couple of changes. 

4. Get Motivated

You most likely have goals, small and big. To stay in touch with them, add reminders throughout your work and living space. Write out your favorite quotes on sticky notes and stick them to your bathroom mirror, work station, or even throughout your planner. 

5. Inspire Healthy Competition

There’s nothing like having a healthy competition — especially if you’re competitive. Ask your friends or family to participate in no-spend challenges, workout challenges, or even book clubs to keep you more accountable.

6. Prepare for Unwanted Tasks

Most of the time, when you don’t want to do a certain task, you push it off — it’s totally normal, but not great. Instead of pushing things off, add them to your calendar weeks or months in advance. 

Make Savings Easy

It’s not always fun to save your money if you don’t have a big purchase waiting at the finish line. Whether you’re about to purchase a loan, a house, or ready to save up post-college, it’s always important to have a rainy day fund in case things were to take a turn for the worse. 

7. Be Thankful for What You Do Have

If your budget is out of whack, practice gratitude. Think about everything you do have rather than what you don’t. Every morning, list out five to ten things you’re grateful for. That could be your cold coffee you get to drink in the morning or your work station.

8. Automate What You Can

With new technology, apps, and websites coming out every day, it’s a perfect way to get out of the box and automate things you hate to do. For instance, if you hate sticking to a budget because you don’t like to manually enter expenses in, download an app that does it for you.

9. Hit Snooze on Your Spending Habits

With fast fashion and lifestyle merchandise always arising, it can be hard to say no to overspending on your favorite things. If it’s not fashion that digs into your wallet, it may be food and coffee out on the town with your closest friends and family. 

Keep reading to discover our favorite life, career, and savings nudges and how they could help set you up for success.

9 Nudge Theory Examples to Reach Your Life, Career, and Savings Goals

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