Biceps And Triceps – How To Gain Them

by Joyce Ledet

Bodybuilding is an industry of fitness enthusiasts whose first preference is showing their bodies through their arms. 6 pack abs, big chest muscles, big biceps, and triceps are a few words you hear at a gym or at places where there are fitness freaks. These are not just words, but this is how most people want their bodies to be. This e-book is mainly about building big arms in a short period of time. Let us take a look at the definitions, methods, sources, etc that can be used to grow big arms.

Biceps and triceps: A bicep is a muscle on the front part of the upper arm. It is called biceps because it has two heads, one joins at the shoulder and the other head at the elbow. A triceps is a three-headed large muscle at the back of the upper arm which joins the elbow, shoulder, and back since it has three heads. The main function of both biceps and triceps is an extension or stretching. They grow as you extend and stretch. This is the basic principle to get big arms. The upper limb/arm is the most exposable organ of the human body and this might be the reason why people prefer building it well to show off as a bodybuilder.

To understand the concept behind a person’s passion for getting big arms, let us take a sneak peek into the history of bodybuilding


The base for weightlifting which was developed in Europe is a stone lifting tradition of Egypt and Greece. Europeans chose bodybuilding through displays in public where they would show their strength in terms of their physique, large bellies, and fatty limbs. Eugen Sandow is known as the “father of building” since he was the one who did a lot of contributions to the field of bodybuilding not only through displaying his own body but also by introducing various products into the market. He is the one who is the man behind the invention of the first exercise equipment namely:

  • Dumbbells
  • Pulleys
  • Tension bands

Sandow is ideal for many Roman statues. The first show organized by Sandow was on September 14, 1901, in London. It was a great success and hence it took the roots for bodybuilding shows. A lot of bodybuilders have grown since then in this industry of fitness. A lot of organizations and institutes are opened across the globe to encourage youngsters to consider bodybuilding not just as a sport but also has a routine for better health. It is a passion for many and has also gained a lot of respect in the national Olympics. Bodybuilding is categorized into professional, natural and female bodybuilding basically. Every category has its own rules and exercises based on the mass of an individual.

Muscle Growth – The main intention behind big arms

After understand about biceps and triceps, we know that building arms means growing these muscles. That is why it is commonly referred to as big biceps and triceps. To grow these there are certain exercises to be done while eating specific food too. There are basically three main components to make the muscles bigger namely: Tension, Fatigue, and Damage.

  • Tension means creating resistance. The weights should be as heavy as to place the muscles under tension in order to get them stimulated. This causes growth mainly. Weightlifting works best to achieve growth through tension.
  • Fatigue is a way of exposing the muscle to a stimulus repeatedly so that it causes various chemical reactions in the muscles. High frequency and volume approaches are the best practice where the amount of work you do gains so much growth.
  • Damage through micro-tears while lifting weights especially while lowering the weights should be accomplished. Slowing down while lowering the weights and fast movement while raising up can cause the required damage for muscle growth.

Gaining more muscle is harder as you progress since the body gets accustomed to weightlifting. The progression becomes slow. So you have to add weight regularly to gain muscles. The faster you add up and are able to lift, the faster you grow your muscles to get big arms.

Recovery to grow muscles: It is not how much you can work out to grow muscles, it is about how much you can recover from. If recovery was not a concern everyone who wanted big arms could start living in the gym and grow huge biceps. Recovery thus is important and that is the reason behind the necessity for sleep and good nutrition. Even if your muscles can take more strain you are fatigued that means the Central Nervous System needs to rest. Though you have the determination to do a lot, you cannot and if you do it forcefully then you are only causing harm which will, in turn, let you to a compromising situation. We want fast growth to show big arms.



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