Cycling For Good Health

by Ruth Johnson
Road bike cyclist man cycling. Biking Sports fitness athlete riding bike on an open road to the sunset

Riding a bicycle is the single most liberating thing you can do when having some time for yourself. Not only can it change your body, but it has some great benefits psychologically as well. Most us learned to ride a bicycle when we were young and we have strong associations of fun and happiness with it.

While many of us continue with a ride with the sole purpose of getting fit, many others give up once they graduate to owning a car. Unfortunately, the cycle gathers dust in a garage while they pay tons of money to join a gym where they hope to lose the weight they have gained using the car!

Riding a bicycle should become a part of your everyday life. This will not only help you to stay active and fit but will contribute to a sharper mind for long into your 70’s and 80’s. We know that cycling helps to keep us fit, but how good is it really for us:

It is good for your heart: Your cardiovascular system benefits immensely from even 30 minutes a day of cycling. Your cardiovascular capacity refers to the ability of your body to pump oxygen and blood better. The more your muscles get blood, the stronger they become. Training and testing it with exercises such as cycling makes your body quicker and agiler.

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Keeps your bones young and strong: while there is much research that says that cycling is not the best for your bones, it is only half the truth. Intensive workouts that are done in brief bursts strengthens the bones and allows you to enjoy your cycling. Cycling done in conjunction with strength training will give your bones the strength to endure the intensive cycling workouts.

Your immune system gets younger:  Aerobic activity is the best form of exercise for getting your heart rate up. Low-impact aerobic activity may leave you out of breath but it is best for your immune system which helps to keep out the colds and the infections. With regularity in your exercise (cycling in this case), you will learn to control your breathing. Yoga which advocates healing of the internal system relies heavily on breathing techniques.

People rides bike on the road with beautiful colorful sunset sky. Sport and active life concept.

Observe the Beauty around you: There’s nothing that can beat cycling around a picturesque neighborhood. With the internet catching up with everyone, it has become the world where you need to not step out of the house for anything. Everything that you ever wanted can be ordered online and shipped to your door. Unfortunately, all this is leading to a lazy lifestyle and several diseases cropping up very early on in life.

Cycling around your neighborhood, to begin with, will expose you to some fresh air and build stamina. Once you build up your stamina, you can get adventurous and look for more challenging routes. Signing up with local cycling groups will help you to explore and discover beautiful areas around you.

Live Longer and healthier: The white blood cells in your body get a big boost after a workout. They are considered the soldiers of your body and rightly so because they are responsible for warding off infections, bacteria, and viruses which attack your body. While it is said that the boost in your white blood cells lasts about 3-4 hours after your workout, cycling every day, building stamina and strength results in a much stronger body and mind. This contributes to a healthier and longer life. It is said that those who cycle every day, seem to be able to beat stress out of their lives better. With the fast pace of our lives, it is important that you get some time for yourself where you can de-stress and cycle by yourself or with a partner can do that for you.

Cycling in the open or joining a class with a group of people can get you where you want to be with your body. A fit and healthy body that can handle any stress to the physical body or mind. Always remember however to listen to your body when you exercise. Cycle as much as you can while challenging yourself a little every few days. Always remember that you are trying to challenge yourself and it is not a competition with someone else.




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