Fashion and Women’s Clothing – Tips to help you make a fashion statement

by Joyce Ledet
model in striped tshirt illustration

Young or old, fashion these days is available to everybody.  Fashion houses today are targeting everyone right from the size zero to other body types. Well, why not?

With the advancement of technology as well as increased awareness and acceptance, gone are the days of stereotypical thinking.

Women are no longer portrayed as mere objects of beauty.  Rather, they are accepted for what they are and recognized for their abilities. They are finally given their due credit…

Hourglass figured models, obnoxiously thin women walking the ramp with their bones literally sticking out, are all stories of the past.

Now, to be fashionable, does not imply being thin or having a particular body size as well as shape.  Women’s fashion has now moved from portraying just plain good looks and trendy clothes sported on the perfect bodies, to portraying personalities and women who are comfortable in their own space.

Contemporary Trends

Right now, the fashion industry has made a definite shift in stance and encourages physical as well as mental well-being.

Role models are increasingly becoming inspirational women, known for their achievements and contributions to various fields, rather than just good looks and ideal body contour.

Age is no longer a barrier. In fact, fashion retailers look to showcase their wares on senior women.  This is because the message sent out is more like, ‘been there, done that, yet happy, healthy and fit enough to remain with the times”.

In fact, if you look around, you will realize, that aging is quite much a trend.  Age is merely a number that no longer defines who you are. What is more important these days are how gracefully you have aged, and how you maintain your dressing sense, by keeping in mind your comfort and your personality. It is not just physical beauty and irrational weight restrictions anymore.

Girls shopping for clothes

Women’s clothing and Fashion has evolved to such an extent, that fashion houses as well as retailers now willingly take on older women for their advertisement as well as media campaigns.  The learning out of this is, ‘fashion for all, not just for the youth and people who conform to the impractical standards of the past’.

What also comes out here is the fact that there is something available out there to suit the needs of everyone.  Well perhaps, ‘something’ is an understatement.  There are a large number of options available for every woman out there.

Whether you are a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, a sister, a leader, the CEO of a multinational – you have clothes that suit all women in any walk of life. Whether you happen to be size zero or not is immaterial.

The trend these days with regards to fashion and women’s clothing is a complete move away from body shaming and ideal body weight and size restrictions, to more acceptable and dignified norms.

In contemporary times, women consider it fashionable to dress for themselves certainly not to please anyone else.

Style, fit, comfort, grace, the fabric has taken precedence over size and weight. This because there has been a tremendous change in women’s thinking as well as attitude. This is because globally women now consider it very important to present themselves as well as their sense of self –worth in a highly positive manner.

Fashion Made Easy and Friendly

Well, with all the changing trends in thinking and age-old mindsets with regard to women and fashion clothing, it becomes imperative to get aware of a few tips that will allow you to make the best out of what you have in your wardrobe while making a healthy style statement at the same time.

  • Use your Jackets / Blazers smartly.

Close-up summer portrait of sensual brunette woman with eyes closed on the romantic sunset background.

Jackets can be termed as a timeless fashion accessory. Teamed over almost anything, you will be ready for any occasion, be it a business meeting or a parent-teacher meet at school. This can also be worn casually over a t-shirt in case you have to attend an impromptu meeting with friends.

Best of all, jackets can be worn by one and all, irrespective of shape as well as size.

Fashion houses, retail stores even online shopping sites have made available a number of jackets or blazers that are smart, chic, in different hues and sizes and all this, at extremely affordable pricing.

  • Using a thick or a thin belt.

A set of women's Fashion accessories shopping Jewelry Scarf. Wooden background with place for text

Belts happen to work like eye-catchers. What’s more, apart from drawing away the attention from the unwanted aspects, belts also work towards adding flair and caliber to your outfit.  Having a few of these in your wardrobe in neutral shades will help you team them up with most of your clothes.

Retail houses these days offer them in several styles and colors. No dearth here, you are certain to get what type of a belt you are looking for.

  • Choose the right combination of colors while pairing your clothes

This will help increase your style quotient while adding value to the look. Pairing a light color top with a dark color bottom or vice versa works best.

  • Invest In A Pair Of Good Fitting Jeans

Close-up of young Caucasian woman wearing jeans carrying shopping bags in street

Yes, this happens to be almost like the gospel truth.  A good pair of denim jeans can be teamed with almost anything, and you will be set for the occasion.  Denim jeans can never be called as outdated.  As long as they fit well and suit your contour, you are definitely sorted.  Surely, a must have in your wardrobe.

  • Be different; Be Real

Well, come to think of it, this by far is one accessory that you certainly must possess.  While it is very tempting and considered correct to just blindly follow the crowd to get accepted, in reality, what works best, is if you choose to be yourself.

 Physical beauty and ideal body size are just myths.  Who you are is defined by how gracefully you present yourself, your sense of self-confidence, your acceptance of your body in spite of the various flaws.  This, in turn, reflects in your personality.

Retailers as well as fashion houses, willingly work towards creating the look of your choice.  The cuts, styles, designs and fits, everything is sewed to perfection, perfect for your body shape. There is absolutely no discrimination made between a woman with the ideal hour-glass figure or other body shapes.

After all, the universal truth is that, in order to look good, you need to feel good and in order to feel good you have to accept who you are rather than what others want you to be.



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