Fitness with Style

by Joyce Ledet
Asian women exercise at home.Her sit-ups on the ball.

“Being Healthy and fit isn’t a Fad or Trend. It’s a Lifestyle.”

In today’s life, everyone is busy with work. Have to invest time with kids, office, friends, movies, weekend plan, holiday etc. the list goes on. To do all these things, our body and health should co-operate. So keeping ourselves healthy is more and most important. We should eat healthy foods. But do you think eating healthy foods alone will help us? Yes, only to some extent. So what makes it complete. Eating healthy foods and doing exercise should be balanced together.

Healthy Food + Exercise = Quality Life


How important it is?

Many studies across the world say, doing exercise should be part of the daily routine. Being Healthy and fit will help to lead a quality life. Physical health and mental health are both important. Being healthy and fit will help to promote the flexibility of muscles and joints, reduces the risk of many diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic disease etc. It also helps to reduce the depression. Nowadays, depression is becoming so common.  To overcome this, we should be physically and mentally strong. It is not necessary that exercise should be exhausting or toilsome. Moderate exercise of 30 minutes a day and 7 days a week, will give perdurable health benefits.

Girl in the gym

Make it as a routine

Initially, it will be hard to make exercise as a routine. But if you try, you can make it. Start with 30 minutes and gradually increase your time as you get comfortable. Make simple and realistic pointers to motivate yourself like climbing the stairs for a certain number of floors, moping the house etc. Keep switching between activities like swimming; cycling, walking during initial days as you get acquainted with the routine to fit yourself in the exercise regime. As said by elders drops make an ocean, even small changes you make can help you in reaping big rewards for years to come.

Different methods

There are different streams of fitness you can adapt to which suites you. Some good examples are Zumba, aerobics, playing a sport for a specific time to start with and make it regular and when you get comfortable to keep increasing the time accordingly. There is no hard and fast rule as to which regime you need to follow. If you are planning to become a sportsperson adequate exercise is needed with respect to the game. If you are doing it for fitness you can adopt a casual approach to work out for some time daily. If you are looking for keeping your mind and body fresh you can adapt to light workout methods to go for.

Young african athletic girl posing and showing muscles on a beige background

How long?

We would like to suggest this to anyone who asks us this question. How long should I work out? The answer is simple, there is no time table to follow strictly. Initially, if you are able to dedicate time for 10 minutes to perform a routine you are good to start and gradually increase the time as you move on. There are different equipment available as on today to do some activities at your comfort inside your house itself as a treadmill, crossbar etc. which makes it flexible that you don’t have to find a place to walk or do you need to find a track to jog or run.

For a person who is into medication for some reason need to consult your doctor for advice to perform any fitness work out. It is strictly recommended to check with the consulting doctor to make sure you don’t strain your mind and body. The doctor is aware of medicines prescribed for you who would be aware of the chemical reactions your body would be undergoing so that he could let you know what sort of exercise is appropriate for you and your health. Any change in routine also needs your doctor consultation.

Fitness in Children

Mother and daughter yoga at home

Fitness in children is the area of focus nowadays. We had our grandmothers who could break a walnut with their teeth when they were eighty years old. Nowadays we have kids who use tools to break a walnut. When rewinding our life and asking our grandparents to tell us their secret we find that they were having a lot of play time during their school days. They use to play in school, come home and play and a lot of physical activities involved during their days. Nowadays children don’t find space as we used to but even their activities have come down very much. Kids prefer playing on tabs and iPad today rather than find a ground and play cricket or any active sport outdoors.





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