Foods that Melt Love Handles

by Joyce Ledet

I used to have trouble with my love handles. Because of them I hated wearing dresses and I just had this belief that my love handles made me feel and look overweight.
I tried to quickly get rid of them but soon realized that they were quite stubborn, and they wouldn’t go away even with double exercise routines.
Eventually, I realized that dieting was the key to burning the chunk of fat at my waistline.
I discovered that instead of exercises, there were foods that helped in removing love handles.
Since I started eating these foods, the results have been incredible.
I no longer had to suck in my tummy or worry about picking the perfect dress because all my dresses now fit perfectly.
Now I’ll be sharing with you some of the foods that help melt my love handle.


This food works five times better and faster than going to the gym every day.
And this was how I found out.
2 weeks after I started eating it, I lost five inches of the love handles off my waist.
I found out that this food has antioxidants and carotenoids which help to regulate the sugar level in the body.
It also has lower insulin resistance that makes sure calories we digest from other foods are not converted into fats.
It is rich in vitamin A, C, and B6.
You can always eat it as your breakfast.


Minestrone, italian vegetable soup with pasta on black backgrounds.

This is also another food that helps to burn love handles.
Unlike other soups which are very rich in fatty ingredients that contribute to your love handles, this food does the opposite of what other soup does.
Most of the soups we eat have sugar but minestrone doesn’t because it is very rich in fiber and hardly can sugar be found in foods that have fiber.


Just like the Minestrone soup, the shredded wheat also has fiber and has a low amount of sugar in it.
It is best recommended to those who want to lose fat or love handles.
And it can be taken as a cereal for breakfast or lunch.


This food is another magical food that has helped me so far.
Instead of storing up fats in our body which causes the love handles, the white tea actually helps the liver to converts fats which have been stored in our body from the foods we eat into energy.
The antioxidant in the tea helps to do all that.


Black rice

This food is incredible for someone who wants to shed some considerable amount of love handles and fat.
Like the other foods I stated above, it is also rich in fiber, has antioxidant that reduces the amount of fat stored in the body.
It was called forbidden rice because only some important dignitaries in society were allowed to eat this food.
But over the years it became something everybody could have access to.
In fact, this food is the easiest and cheapest way to burn love handles and is also rich in vitamin E which is good for the body.


Peas green color food agriculture fresh texture photo stock background

I call it green peas or green balls because of its greenish colour and its round shape.
Most times I eat it when I’m craving for something to chew or use my teeth on.
Instead of eating those fatty snacks, all I need to do is open my freezer, pour some in a bowl and have myself a big treat.
Apart from the fact that this food is rich in protein, it is also high in fiber which of course has low sugar content.
It is the best substitute for those calories filled snacks and one of the best remedies for burning love handles.


I didn’t know the power of this fruit until I recommended it to one of my friend who also had love handles just like me.
Within a few weeks of taking this fruit, she lost 5 pounds and 4 inches of fat around her waist.
This fruit stimulates the production of fatty acids that reduce inflammation of fat in your body system and burns fat by converting it to energy.


This drink is the combination of three fruits namely; Grapefruit, lemon, and oranges.
Most times when we are at our leisure time, we crave for something cold to cool ourselves.
Instead of opting for processed drinks which had been diluted with a lot of sugar content, the spa water can be used as a substitute.
Believe me, I have tried it and it worked great for me.
This drink has antioxidants too and disposes fat from the body just like the other foods I mentioned above.
Even your homemade smoothies are perfect antioxidant drinks that help to burn fat from the body.


Almonds seeds, Almonds in sack on wooden table, Focus at almonds in sack. Top view

They are also high in insoluble fiber, antioxidants and rich in vitamin A.
Research over the years had revealed that virtually all the obese humans in America eat Almond fruits.
The testimonies they have gotten so far has been wonderful and I am also a living testimony.


Walnut is one of the best foods that can also be on your diet menu because it reduces the amount of fat stored in or body.
This food also helps to boost your Insulin metabolism too.
Some people found out after lots of research that Walnuts actually helps to reduce stress in our body and it also fights against high blood pressure.


Sometimes, making these foods your diet can be very frustrating.
Sometimes I craved for some of those foods that gave me the unwanted love handles but thinking about how unhappy I was having the love handles, I had to discipline myself.
But then I realized that making them my diet was the best decision I ever took.

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