Should You Be Going out After a Breakup?

by Joyce Ledet
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Nobody likes a breakup. It’s one of the most painful and traumatic experiences one can endure, but the sad fact of life is that not all relationships are made to last. Sometimes you just drift apart and don’t know who the other person is anymore. Sometimes you just realize you were never good to each other, to begin with.

Whatever the reason may be, breaking up is always a hard pill to swallow. Now, you might be tempted to down it down with some fresh new love with a dash of butterflies in your stomach and get back on the dating scene to kill those intrusive thoughts. But should you?

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Short answer: NO!

This is actually one of the biggest mistakes that newly single make. Rebounding and looking for someone new right away only really means that you’re looking for love for all the wrong reasons. Perhaps it’s actually to get revenge on your ex, to make them jealous, to force them to react in any way possible and acknowledge your existence once again.

Or perhaps you’re actually doing it to fill the hole left behind because the thing that was in that hole was what blocked out the dread you are feeling right about now. Know this, though: a new relationship isn’t a cure for that. It’s a distraction. And you definitely won’t be making the new person any happier by having them be a replacement.

Give yourself some space

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In order to love others, you really need to love yourself. But how do you love yourself if you don’t even know yourself? Being single gives you plenty of time to figure out exactly who you are, what you really like about your day-to-day life, what you want out of life in the long term, etc. You can do the things you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t for one reason or another and hey – maybe living alone and having the whole house to yourself for a while isn’t so bad?

You’ll soon start to see other benefits, such as the fact that you’ll suddenly have more money to spend on yourself. Go on that trip you always wanted to go on, replace your entire wardrobe, or even give yourself some pleasure by hiring one of those London a-level escorts. Take care of yourself using any means necessary – now is the time.

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And in time…

After really getting to know who you are and what you want in life, you’ll find peace. And once that time comes, you’ll realize you’re ready to start getting into the dating scene again. You’ll be more comfortable in your skin, with a fresh, new perspective on relationships and much more experience that will definitely make your next relationship one that’s much happier – and hopefully, one that’s meant to last. Sometimes it’s just a good idea to take things slow and let them run their course.

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