Gym Or Home: Which Is A Better Place For Workout?

by Joyce Ledet
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All of us have become so conscious about our body and how we feel that we have ended up finding out one or the other way to exercise. Those who love the tracks generally go out for a run, those who love the nature prefer moving out for cycling, those who like hard-core training prefer going to a gym and the ones who enjoy being in water take up swimming as their workout technique. Despite all these beneficial alternatives, there are many people who avoid exercising outside and like to create their own workout sessions at home itself.

Yoga, aerobics, Zumba, and even strength training on some equipment; they find one or the other alternative that they enjoy the most and make them a part of their fitness routine. But there is a question that hovers in several minds- which amongst the two, training at home or the gym, is better?

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Gym workout vs. Home workout:

There are many people who prefer home workouts as they are famous for their convenience. But as soon as the same people start exercising at the gym, they notice different benefits this new type of workout introduces in their life.

Here are some of the major differences and advantages they enjoy while working out at the gym as compared to exercising at home.

  • Reduced distractions: When you are at home, you are bound to face different distractions like computer, TV, pets, children, phone, and more. You might be able to keep your will power and dedication high for some time, but as soon as you realize that there is a guest at home or your child is fidgeting with delicate stuff, you happen to leave the session and address the matter. This is where gyms work in your favor as they do not allow any such distractions to disturb you. All the distraction that you would experience at the gym will be whether to walk on the treadmill or do 30 crunches.

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  • Investing money: When you put your money into something, you are required to maintain it as well. Additionally, if you are not able to work out in the gym after paying the membership fee, it feels like you are wasting your money. Apart from this, you further need to invest good money for traveling to the gym. This does look like a downside, however, works really well in your favor in the longer run. If you have a fixed routine of moving out of the house, you happen to stay more motivated and committed towards the activity. Investment of money in the gym should be considered as an important reason for you to exercise as something should surely be earned back if you have shelled out some money from your pocket.


  • A variety of equipment: One can definitely have a good workout session at home, but another fact is that gyms offer a great diversity of equipment that allows you to target every particular muscle of your body. If you have a decent set of dumbbells and a strong bench, you can certainly try different kinds of workouts with these as compared to exercising at home.


  • Source of inspiration: A gym is a place where you get to see many people who are already fit and in good shape. This helps you generate the right mindset and inspires to workout in a better way every time. Try to be consistent and don’t attempt to finish the session in a hurry as you might end up injuring yourself.

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  • Exercising in groups: This is a great way to work out as it allows you to follow a fixed schedule and follow the pattern daily. It helps you to exercise in the flow and avoid missing sessions without any major reason. Another fact in this context is that one doesn’t realize the time when they have company. Your workout sessions will be over in no time if you enjoy with your partners at the gym.


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