3 Health Benefits of Golfing

by Joyce Ledet
Golfer hitting golf shot with club on course vintage color tone

There are many health benefits connected to exercising, even though the specifics may vary depending on your chosen discipline. Among all possible sports, everyone is sure to find one they’ll enjoy. Those not too athletically inclined may be glad to hear that even the less physically demanding activities can still help you stay fit. One such example is golf.

Spending time outside

Golfer putting golf ball approach to the golf hole on the green golf

Everyone with an office job knows that finding time for outdoor activities can be a tough job. But spending a few hours in the sun breathing fresh air will boost your energy levels and improve your mood. Not to mention the impact it has on your mental health as spending time outside can decrease symptoms of depressions and even dementia.

A good workout

Golfing involves a lot of walking, which may not seem like the most challenging activity at first. But when you consider that golf courses are usually spread over the vast and hilly grounds it can become quite an exercise. Especially if you choose to discard the cart and carry your equipment on your own. Even though it’s not an injury-prone sport, you must remember about the right equipment, e.g golfer’s pants and shoes should be properly fitted to not prevent the movements.

Increasing the heart rate

For physical activity to have a positive health effect it should increase your heartbeat. This will help you burn calories and keep the level of bad cholesterol down. During a single round of golf, you’ll walk a significant distance which will be a good exercise for your whole body. And the regular increasing of your heart rate during exercising will decrease the risk of heart diseases in the future.

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