How To Be Fit Without Breaking Your Bank

by Joyce Ledet
Jumping rope fitness

The myriad ads featuring bikini babes finally dawns the realization on you that the summer is here at last and hurrah, more opportunities to flaunt your favorite attires. But, only when you try to fit into your trendy shorts or svelte skirts you sadly realize that the lack of exercises or physical activities, all throughout the winter, has made it impossible for you to squeeze your body into your longing summer attire. Although your friend can say thoughtfully to you that beauty comes in all size and shape, ultimately in an effort to soothe your exhausted spirits but, it is not that easy to let go your most favored raiment, after spending hours of time in shopping to seek, what was that in your mind’s and heart’s desire.

Well, even though we don’t have any immediate solution, something like that of a magic potion to shrink your size back to your original, there is always a permanent solution that can ideally guarantee that this situation never arises to you the next summer, where all that is required for it are the perseverance and the commitment. Yes, exercising every day could miraculously help you stay fit and healthy, not every winter but every day, every hour, and every minute of your life.

If you are blaming the extremities of the winter the reason for your lack of physical activities, where you were neither allowed to take a stroll nor regularly hit your favorite gym due to the obvious winter-laziness, then certainly there is a solution to it and delightfully that solution comes on a budget without breaking your bank. If you can’t reach your gym, especially during winters, then bring the gym aka gym equipment into your home so that not only during cold winters but anytime and every time you have the opportunity to exercise and stay healthy, in the luxury of your homes.


The budget gym equipment for your home

The following easily procurable gym equipment that can be satisfactorily used in your home could finally add that oomph factor, which you were missing, despite staying well within your weight range.

  • The Jumping Rope

Jumping rope

The jumping rope is not always kids’ choice of fun equipment; even adults like you, could not only draw some excitement by utilizing it but also earn some energy and fitness that are beneficial for your whole body. Apart from providing you the facility to practically use it anywhere, anytime, pleasingly the rope is pocket-friendly and you need not to give a second thought before grabbing it for your personal fitness.

  • The Dumbbells

Sport woman on dark background making weightlifting

One could never be amazed enough by the flexibility of this fitness equipment, where whatever be your type of exercise say, toning, strengthening or the cardio the dumbbells, would always be present to add some definite contribution to the fitness and health. That is why, every gym has them and every physical trainer, who talks to his/her follower through their popular fitness videos always has something to do with the dumbbells. Not only their flexibility, but even their affordability is also one more reason why you should be buying them for your home gym.

  • Kettlebells


Whether you are trying to tone your lower body or include a high-energy cardiovascular workout, the kettlebells could always possibly help you in your fitness goals, as these beauties are designed in such a way that the uneven distribution of the weight, in where the bell weighs more than its handle, allows you to easily lift or swing them, which allows your body to adjust to their pull of gravity according to how it changes. These kettlebells are also not highly priced, which only scores one more gym equipment for your home-based personal gym.

  • Resistance bands

Whether it is a biceps curl or a lateral slide, add resistance to all your exercises so cheaply, yet significantly, with these resistance bands. These bands can be called the ideal equipment for anybody who is planning to start a weight training routine. When we talked about the budget-friendliness for all the discussed gym equipment, we have one more factor, which you would always love and earn for when procuring anything for your home, leave alone the fitness equipment. That thing is easy storage! As you can easily stow these resistance bands anywhere due to their small size and shape, you never want them to miss in your routine gym equipment list.

  • Foam Rollers

blue foam roller pilates woman sport gym fitness yoga wood floor

Your ultimate fitness routine is never complete without the stretching exercises, for which the foam rollers are apt companions. Known mainly for their self-massage capability, these foam rollers are a must in your personal gym equipment list, as they can assist also in your balance training moves. Also, these are not heavily priced and hence, no need to compromise on your planned budget!

Thus, when working out of your home, or even walking, cycling or swimming are ruled out due to the unpleasant weather situations, procuring these budget gym devices to work out in your home would ideally help you to stay fit and healthy, 365 or 366 days of the year!

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