The Forgotten Keys To Fat Loss

by Joyce Ledet
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Tonnes of infomercials exist on myriad ways to get rid of fat bulges all around the body. Eat this.. Don’t eat that.. Take this.. Don’t take that..
In fact, I’m certain you’d have gotten confused and perplexed at one time or the other based on the avalanche of contradictory information you’ve gotten from websites, Facebook groups, magazines, e-books, and DVDs.
But the need to keep fit and healthy has kept the search for the right answers on. Truth is, there are really only two ways to loss fat.
Yes, just two, but we tend to forget them or better still look for seemingly easier ways out and as such, compound the process of losing these fats.

First Is Diet

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This is no news to you either. But here, we would fix your mind on the reasons you should make taking control of your diet your uttermost priority.
Fact is, fats build up according to the measure of your calorie intake. And truth be told, no habit is easy to break. Eyeing out your favourite foods, nonetheless.
Many people eventually choose to ride over their cravings by eating what they want anyway with plans to work out the fats later on through exercise.
If you fall in this group of people, let me graphically show you what you do. You have chosen to roll away a 2000 pound stone off a road under construction on your way to a very important meeting, simply because its your known and favourite path, instead of taking the provided alternative bypass.
Now, let’s say you are trying to cut down 500 calories from your diet daily. And you choose to take that out through exercise, it would take 45-60 minutes of vigorous, heart-pounding, all sweaty and unrelenting you-can’t-drop-now exercise to burn off those calories.
And you could just simply have dropped off that Snicker bar and walk away instead of eating it, right?
Why take a reverse to move forward when you can drive straight on ahead? Come to think of it, it’s best to nib the bud from the source, isn’t it?
More exercise will lead to a bigger appetite. The hungrier you get, the more vulnerable you are to taking those extra so-badly-unneeded calories.
If you find yourself torn between those deadly hunger pangs and therein check to watch your caloric intake, relax, you can have a win-win situation!

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The key is to eat the right food and not just anything you find available. The key is to eat better not large.
For example, which should you take -a cinnamon raisin bagel or a cup of oatmeal?
The bagel will give you roughly 500 calories of highly processed flour with little or no fiber which will raise your insulin levels high.
On the other hand, a cup of rolled oatmeal will give you 300 calories with 8 grams of protein and 10 grams of fibre. All of which will help satiate your hunger longer and control your blood sugar level.
Mark Young, C.S.C.S says, “When we look at the research, it appears that adding exercise to an already effective diet produces very little, (if any) additional weight loss. When it comes down to it, if you’re trying to lose weight (or fat), diet is going to be the key to your success. Adding in ANY type of exercise is not going to have a huge impact on weight loss.”
So let’s face the fact, when it comes to winning the battles with those fat bulges, cutting down your calorie intakes and watching your day-day nutrition is simply your best bet!

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Second Is Exercise

Exercise counts when it is used properly. Exercise helps our bodies in many ways -aids blood flows, build muscles for support and stability and helps the heart function.
Many people however, exercise for the wrong reasons. Some even think that the longer they spend on treadmills or lifting weights will somehow equal the amount of fats they would lose. But that isn’t true.
Exercising for long hours can even compound your weight gain issues. This is because the longer you exercise, the hungrier you get. And the stronger your cravings to gulp down heavy calories.
This is not to say exercises are useless. It has its place. In fact, exercises are never a waste of time. They only need to be channeled right and done with the right reasons and motivation.

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Here are some reasons you should consider to exercise:

Exercise to maintain your muscle mass

If you maintain your muscle, you will reap a whole world of benefits. First, maintaining your muscle mass helps your body to burn calories.
It gives your body a nice shape with curves and contours in the right places. Muscles also help your body regulates its sugar.
Muscles keep you fit and strong to carry loads of groceries and lift those huge weights at work. Muscles also helps you fight diseases and recover from injuries fast. These are spot on motivations for you to go on exercising.
And what’s more? Those physical fitness trainings keep you disciplined. This discipline you can also adapt to rein yourself on those impulses to bit and eat those culprit foods.

Exercises make you feel great about your body

This feeling keeps you energetic and lively. Positive feelings will also elicit positive energies from you to people around you.
This will help you focus on your journey to burning down your fats rather than falling defeated by what a friend, colleague or foe says and losing the zest to fighting through in the process.

Focus on the quality of your exercises not its quantity

You could lift some weights, run some miles, hoist, push or pull some objects or attend some group exercise classes. Swimming is a great exercise to build your muscles too.
No matter the form of your exercise, your body would definitely gain from it.
If you are already doing exercises that strengthens you, keep it up. Challenge yourself with other kinds of routine and exercises once in a while to change things up.


So to burn those body fats, it’s extremely important to cut down those caloric intakes. The key is to ensure calories in are less than calories out.
You will make this happen first through proper dieting and then through exercise or a combination of the two but not either one or the other.
And remember, when it comes to reducing your calories which in turn will reduce your fat bulges, diet plays a much larger role than exercise does.

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