Planning Your Pregnancy Workout

by Ruth Johnson
Blonde pregnant woman doing sport making weightlifting

Regular exercise during pregnancy is important and can help relieve some common discomforts associated with pregnancy.
Common discomforts experienced during pregnancy may include, pains at the lower back region, indigestion, exhaustion, body weakness etc. but can be limited by a planned pregnancy exercise.
As you approach your last trimester, your normal exercise schedule changes.
Hence, the need for a good pregnancy exercise routine.

Pre-natal Workout: Exercise During Pregnancy

According to research, women who exercise before conception and during pregnancy have better health, safer delivery and recover quickly.
If you participated in a regular exercise activity prior to becoming pregnant, it is probably fine to continue to participate during pregnancy.
There are many exercises that are safe to do during your pregnancy but it is important to do them with caution.
If you have not been exercising before conception, it is advisable to begin working out except if your doctor declares it unsafe for you.

Pregnant woman doing light exercise

Pre-natal Workout: How Fitness Helps

Half an hour of daily exercises is very good for your health during pregnancy.
If you can’t participate in half an hour daily exercises, you can try to do it fifteen to twenty minutes, three to five days a week.
It is necessary to keep your body system alive and have good blood circulation which is so much benefit to your maternal health.
Ensure you have a good workout plan for the times and days of the week you choose to exercise in order to be successful at achieving your aim of pregnancy workout.
Exercise that does not involve direct contact or impact is most advisable for pregnant women.

More advantages of pregnancy workout include:

• Reduces Extra Weight Gain

Exercise during pregnancy helps to reduce and avoid over-weight.
It also makes you stronger and active during pregnancy which might also increase your chances of safe delivery.
Hence, the ease for you to return to your normal body shape after your baby is born.

• Promotes Muscle Tone

Exercise helps to increase your muscle tone, strengthen your body and improves your ability to endure.
It also improves the circulation of clean and healthy blood around the body.
Less painful labor and delivery can be achieved by an improved muscle tone.
Engaging in exercises such as walking helps your blood to circulate well, stretching and yoga relieve lower back pain and your abdominal muscles will be stronger by swimming.

Pregnant woman working out with dumbbells in physical therapy

• Maintain Your Body In Stable Aerobic Condition

Aerobic exercise improves the fitness of the heart and lungs
It increases your confidence, emotional stability, memory, and brain function.
It also burns up calories, which in turn help you shed excess weight.
Aerobic exercise tones your muscles and improves posture.

• Improves Your Mood

Pregnancy might affect your mood daily because it can sometimes come with a lot of stress.
Daily exercise can brighten your day and lighten up your spirit by boosting a brain chemical called serotonin which has been associated with mood.
A better idea is to invite a friend with you in order to encourage you and help to relieve the stress.

Pre-natal Workout: Exercise Tips

Consistent pregnancy workout makes you ready for delivery and recovery process, but it’s necessary to be careful while exercising.
As much as you may desire to keep a good body shape, it is advisable not to overwork yourself when exercising.
Also, your heart will be at danger if overworked.
• Avoid Being Overworked
Don’t exercise until you’re exhausted.
In general, the best guideline is to listen to your body. Always stop if something hurts.
You should feel like you’re working your body, not punishing it.
Ensure you take your rest as much as you have worked your body before moving on to your daily tasks.
If you’ve walked for twenty minutes, endeavor to also take a rest of twenty minutes.

Meditating on maternity. Close-up of pregnant woman meditating while sitting in lotus position at home.

• Be Balanced

Avoid exercises that require much contacts and such that might cause imbalance or a fall such as gymnastics, riding on horseback, biking, and skiing etc.
Stay away from cycling especially as you approach your last trimester.
Exercise on a flat, level surface to prevent injury.

• Take enough water

There is a need for you to take enough water before the beginning of your workout when exercising and even when you are done exercising.
This is necessary so that you won’t get dehydrated to avoid health complications which may arise as a result of this.

• Consult Your Doctor

Always check with your doctor before starting, continuing, or changing an exercise routine.
You can proceed with your pregnancy workout if you exercise regularly before getting pregnant and you have no health complications.
The only little adjustment will be made to your usual routine.
In order not to endanger yourself and your baby, see your doctor for the right fitness program for you.

• Keep Blood Flowing

Being stationary for a long time in one position is detrimental to your health as it can limit blood circulation, lower the rate at which your heart pumps blood and give you a feeling of nausea.
Be in motion by changing location or strolling around.

• Understand Yourself

Avoid workout in unfavorable weather conditions such as hot or humid weather during pregnancy.
When you start feeling uncomfortable, nauseated and noticing shortness of breath, stop the exercise and cool off quickly.
Change the environment and take a cold shower or stay in an air-conditioned place.
Don’t stress your body further.

Pregnancy workout is very beneficial because it keeps you strong and in shape for a safe delivery process.
You will need stamina, strength, courage and focus to give birth to your baby.
Pregnancy workout eases labor and reduces the time for your delivery.
In conclusion, only your doctor knows what is safe and healthy for you.
Exercises should not be done when health complications arise during pregnancy.
Consult your obstetrician to prescribe the right workout which is healthy for you.
Ensure to follow your doctor’s prescription and do it regularly till delivery.

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